GitやcURL,Apache HTTP Serverなど通信関係で広く使われている暗号化のライブラリーであるOpenSSLをソースコードからインストールする。

項目 説明
配布元 OpenSSL
リポジトリー openssl/openssl: TLS/SSL and crypto library
手順 openssl/INSTALL at master · openssl/openssl
依存情報 openssl/INSTALL at master · openssl/openssl
依存先 Make (GNU Make), Perl 5
依存元 PHP openssl拡張機能, OpenSSH, libeventなど
sh -eux <<-"EOT"
LOCAL=~/.local J=$(grep -cs '^processor' /proc/cpuinfo || echo 2)
PKG=openssl VER=1.1.1a TAG=OpenSSL_$(echo $VER | sed 's/\./_/g')
mkdir -p "$LOCAL/src"
cd "$LOCAL/src"

if command -v git >/dev/null; then
  [ -e $PKG ] || git clone --depth 1$PKG/$PKG.git $PKG
  cd $PKG
  git fetch --depth 1 origin tag $TAG
  git checkout -f $TAG
  [ -e $PKG-$VER ] || wget$PKG-$VER.tar.gz
  tar -xf $PKG-$VER.tar.gz
  cd $PKG-$VER
  make -kj $J distclean clean || :

./config --prefix="$LOCAL/stow/$PKG-$VER" shared
make -j $J
make -j $J test
make -j $J install

cd "$LOCAL/stow"
echo $PKG-[0-9]* | xargs -n 1 stow --ignore=dir -D
stow --ignore=dir $PKG-$VER

日付 バージョン OS 依存関係
2018-05-17 1.1.0h Ubuntu 16.04 GNU Make 4.2.1, GCC 8.1.0
2019-02-08 1.1.1a Ubuntu 16.04 GNU Make 4.2.1, GCC 8.1.0
2019-03-31 1.1.1a Ubuntu 18.04 GNU Make 4.2.1, GCC 7.4.0

./configの実行時にsharedオプションをつけている。このsharedオプションは,ビルド時に共有オブジェクト (, を作成することを意味する。


Notes on shared libraries

For most systems the OpenSSL Configure script knows what is needed to
build shared libraries for libcrypto and libssl. On these systems
the shared libraries will be created by default. This can be suppressed and
only static libraries created by using the “no-shared” option. On systems
where OpenSSL does not know how to build shared libraries the “no-shared”
option will be forced and only static libraries will be created.

openssl/INSTALL at OpenSSL_1_1_1a · openssl/openssl


Note on shared libraries

Shared libraries have certain caveats. Binary backward compatibility
can’t be guaranteed before OpenSSL version 1.0. The only reason to
use them would be to conserve memory on systems where several programs
are using OpenSSL.

For some systems, the OpenSSL Configure script knows what is needed to
build shared libraries for libcrypto and libssl. On these systems,
the shared libraries are currently not created by default, but giving
the option “shared” will get them created
. This method supports Makefile
targets for shared library creation, like linux-shared. Those targets
can currently be used on their own just as well, but this is expected
to change in future versions of OpenSSL.

openssl/INSTALL at OpenSSL_1_0_2q · openssl/openssl

PHPなど他のライブラリーのビルド時や実行時に共有オブジェクト (shared object) が要求される。そのため,openssl-1.0.xと1.1.xとの手順を共通化するため,sharedオプションを指定している。

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