プログラミング言語のPerlの標準のモジュールとコマンド (ユーティリティ) に何が存在するのか気になったので調査した。

2019-03-24時点で最新版のPerl 5.26.1について,Perlの公式文書サイトであるperldoc.perl.orgから,以下のページのリストを整理した。

特に,標準モジュール (Core modules) はアルファベットごとにページが分かれており,一覧性や検索性が悪かったので,単一の表にまとめておきたかった。

調べた結果,コマンド (Perlインタープリター+ユーティリティ) は全部で29個あり,標準モジュールは393個存在した。

標準コマンドでは,perl, perldoc, cpanが特に重要だと感じた。その中でも,cpanはPerlのパッケージマネージャーであるので,モジュールの追加インストールで頻繁に使うことになるだろう。



Perl 5.26.1標準コマンド一覧
Interpreter perl The Perl 5 language interpreter.
Documentation perldoc The main interface to Perl’s documentation is perldoc , although if you’re reading this, it’s more than likely that you’ve already found it. perldoc will extract and format the documentation from any file in the current directory, any Perl module installed on the system, or any of the standard documentation pages, such as this one. Use perldoc <name> to get information on any of the utilities described in this document.
Documentation pod2man, pod2text If it’s run from a terminal, perldoc will usually call pod2man to translate POD (Plain Old Documentation – see perlpod for an explanation) into a manpage, and then run man to display it; if man isn’t available, pod2text will be used instead and the output piped through your favourite pager.
Documentation pod2html As well as these two, there is another converter: pod2html will produce HTML pages from POD.
Documentation pod2usage If you just want to know how to use the utilities described here, pod2usage will just extract the “USAGE” section; some of the utilities will automatically call pod2usage on themselves when you call them with -help.
Documentation podselect pod2usage is a special case of podselect, a utility to extract named sections from documents written in POD. For instance, while utilities have “USAGE” sections, Perl modules usually have “SYNOPSIS” sections: podselect -s “SYNOPSIS” … will extract this section for a given file.
Documentation podchecker If you’re writing your own documentation in POD, the podchecker utility will look for errors in your markup.
Documentation splain splain is an interface to perldiag – paste in your error message to it, and it’ll explain it for you.
Documentation roffitall The roffitall utility is not installed on your system but lives in the pod/ directory of your Perl source kit; it converts all the documentation from the distribution to *roff format, and produces a typeset PostScript or text file of the whole lot.
Converters pl2pm To help you convert legacy programs to more modern Perl, the pl2pm utility will help you convert old-style Perl 4 libraries to new-style Perl5 modules.
Administration libnetcfg To display and change the libnet configuration run the libnetcfg command.
Administration perlivp The perlivp program is set up at Perl source code build time to test the Perl version it was built under. It can be used after running make install (or your platform’s equivalent procedure) to verify that perl and its libraries have been installed correctly.
Development perlbug perlbug is the recommended way to report bugs in the perl interpreter itself or any of the standard library modules back to the developers; please read through the documentation for perlbug thoroughly before using it to submit a bug report.
Development perlthanks This program provides an easy way to send a thank-you message back to the authors and maintainers of perl. It’s just perlbug installed under another name.
Development h2ph Back before Perl had the XS system for connecting with C libraries, programmers used to get library constants by reading through the C header files. You may still see require ‘’ or similar around – the .ph file should be created by running h2ph on the corresponding .h file. See the h2ph documentation for more on how to convert a whole bunch of header files at once.
Development h2xs h2xs converts C header files into XS modules, and will try and write as much glue between C libraries and Perl modules as it can. It’s also very useful for creating skeletons of pure Perl modules.
Development enc2xs enc2xs builds a Perl extension for use by Encode from either Unicode Character Mapping files (.ucm) or Tcl Encoding Files (.enc). Besides being used internally during the build process of the Encode module, you can use enc2xs to add your own encoding to perl. No knowledge of XS is necessary.
Development xsubpp xsubpp is a compiler to convert Perl XS code into C code. It is typically run by the makefiles created by ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
xsubpp will compile XS code into C code by embedding the constructs necessary to let C functions manipulate Perl values and creates the glue necessary to let Perl access those functions.
Development prove prove is a command-line interface to the test-running functionality of Test::Harness. It’s an alternative to make test .
Development corelist A command-line front-end to Module::CoreList , to query what modules were shipped with given versions of perl.
General tools piconv piconv is a Perl version of iconv, a character encoding converter widely available for various Unixen today. This script was primarily a technology demonstrator for Perl v5.8.0, but you can use piconv in the place of iconv for virtually any case.
General tools ptar ptar is a tar-like program, written in pure Perl.
General tools ptardiff ptardiff is a small utility that produces a diff between an extracted archive and an unextracted one. (Note that this utility requires the Text::Diff module to function properly; this module isn’t distributed with perl, but is available from the CPAN.)
General tools ptargrep ptargrep is a utility to apply pattern matching to the contents of files in a tar archive.
General tools shasum This utility, that comes with the Digest::SHA module, is used to print or verify SHA checksums.
General tools zipdetails zipdetails displays information about the internal record structure of the zip file. It is not concerned with displaying any details of the compressed data stored in the zip file.
Installation cpan cpan is a command-line interface to It allows you to install modules or distributions from CPAN, or just get information about them, and a lot more. It is similar to the command line mode of the CPAN module,
perl -MCPAN -e shell
Installation instmodsh A little interface to ExtUtils::Installed to examine installed modules, validate your packlists and even create a tarball from an installed module.
Perl 5.26.1標準モジュール一覧
モジュール名 説明
AnyDBM_File provide framework for multiple DBMs
App::Prove Implements the prove command.
App::Prove::State State storage for the prove command.
App::Prove::State::Result Individual test suite results.
App::Prove::State::Result::Test Individual test results.
Archive::Tar module for manipulations of tar archives
Archive::Tar::File a subclass for in-memory extracted file from Archive::Tar
Attribute::Handlers Simpler definition of attribute handlers
AutoLoader load subroutines only on demand
AutoSplit split a package for autoloading
B The Perl Compiler Backend
B::Concise Walk Perl syntax tree, printing concise info about ops
B::Debug Walk Perl syntax tree, printing debug info about ops
B::Deparse Perl compiler backend to produce perl code
B::Showlex Show lexical variables used in functions or files
B::Terse Walk Perl syntax tree, printing terse info about ops
B::Xref Generates cross reference reports for Perl programs
Benchmark benchmark running times of Perl code
Carp alternative warn and die for modules
Class::Struct declare struct-like datatypes as Perl classes
Compress::Raw::Bzip2 Low-Level Interface to bzip2 compression library
Compress::Raw::Zlib Low-Level Interface to zlib compression library
Compress::Zlib Interface to zlib compression library
Config access Perl configuration information
Config::Extensions hash lookup of which core extensions were built.
CPAN query, download and build perl modules from CPAN sites
CPAN::Debug internal debugging for
CPAN::Distroprefs read and match distroprefs
CPAN::FirstTime Utility for CPAN::Config file Initialization
CPAN::HandleConfig internal configuration handling for
CPAN::Kwalify Interface between and
CPAN::Nox Wrapper around without using any XS module
CPAN::Queue internal queue support for
CPAN::Tarzip internal handling of tar archives for
CPAN::Version utility functions to compare CPAN versions
Cwd get pathname of current working directory
Data::Dumper stringified perl data structures, suitable for both printing and eval
DB programmatic interface to the Perl debugging API
DBM_Filter Filter DBM keys/values
DBM_Filter::compress filter for DBM_Filter
DBM_Filter::encode filter for DBM_Filter
DBM_Filter::int32 filter for DBM_Filter
DBM_Filter::null filter for DBM_Filter
DBM_Filter::utf8 filter for DBM_Filter
DB_File Perl5 access to Berkeley DB version 1.x
Devel::Peek A data debugging tool for the XS programmer
Devel::PPPort Perl/Pollution/Portability
Devel::SelfStubber generate stubs for a SelfLoading module
Digest Modules that calculate message digests
Digest::base Digest base class
Digest::file Calculate digests of files
Digest::MD5 Perl interface to the MD5 Algorithm
Digest::SHA Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
DirHandle supply object methods for directory handles
Dumpvalue provides screen dump of Perl data.
DynaLoader Dynamically load C libraries into Perl code
Encode character encodings in Perl
Encode::Alias alias definitions to encodings
Encode::Byte Single Byte Encodings
Encode::CJKConstants Internally used by Encode::??::ISO_2022_*
Encode::CN China-based Chinese Encodings
Encode::CN::HZ internally used by Encode::CN
Encode::Config internally used by Encode
Encode::EBCDIC EBCDIC Encodings
Encode::Encoder Object Oriented Encoder
Encode::Encoding Encode Implementation Base Class
Encode::GSM0338 ESTI GSM 03.38 Encoding
Encode::Guess Guesses encoding from data
Encode::JP Japanese Encodings
Encode::JP::H2Z internally used by Encode::JP::2022_JP*
Encode::JP::JIS7 internally used by Encode::JP
Encode::KR Korean Encodings
Encode::KR::2022_KR internally used by Encode::KR
Encode::MIME::Header MIME encoding for an unstructured email header
Encode::MIME::Name internally used by Encode
Encode::Symbol Symbol Encodings
Encode::TW Taiwan-based Chinese Encodings
Encode::Unicode Various Unicode Transformation Formats
Encode::Unicode::UTF7 UTF-7 encoding
English use nice English (or awk) names for ugly punctuation variables
Env perl module that imports environment variables as scalars or arrays
Errno System errno constants
Exporter Implements default import method for modules
Exporter::Heavy Exporter guts
ExtUtils::CBuilder Compile and link C code for Perl modules
ExtUtils::CBuilder::Platform::Windows Builder class for Windows platforms
ExtUtils::Command utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles etc.
ExtUtils::Command::MM Commands for the MM’s to use in Makefiles
ExtUtils::Constant generate XS code to import C header constants
ExtUtils::Constant::Base base class for ExtUtils::Constant objects
ExtUtils::Constant::Utils helper functions for ExtUtils::Constant
ExtUtils::Constant::XS generate C code for XS modules’ constants.
ExtUtils::Embed Utilities for embedding Perl in C/C++ applications
ExtUtils::Install install files from here to there
ExtUtils::Installed Inventory management of installed modules
ExtUtils::Liblist determine libraries to use and how to use them
ExtUtils::MakeMaker Create a module Makefile
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Config Wrapper around
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::Tutorial Writing a module with MakeMaker
ExtUtils::Manifest utilities to write and check a MANIFEST file
ExtUtils::Miniperl write the C code for miniperlmain.c and perlmain.c
ExtUtils::Mkbootstrap make a bootstrap file for use by DynaLoader
ExtUtils::Mksymlists write linker options files for dynamic extension
ExtUtils::MM OS adjusted ExtUtils::MakeMaker subclass
ExtUtils::MM_AIX AIX specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils::MM_Any Platform-agnostic MM methods
ExtUtils::MM_BeOS methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_Cygwin methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_Darwin special behaviors for OS X
ExtUtils::MM_DOS DOS specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils::MM_MacOS once produced Makefiles for MacOS Classic
ExtUtils::MM_NW5 methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_OS2 methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_QNX QNX specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils::MM_Unix methods used by ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_UWIN U/WIN specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils::MM_VMS methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_VOS VOS specific subclass of ExtUtils::MM_Unix
ExtUtils::MM_Win32 methods to override UN*X behaviour in ExtUtils::MakeMaker
ExtUtils::MM_Win95 method to customize MakeMaker for Win9X
ExtUtils::MY ExtUtils::MakeMaker subclass for customization
ExtUtils::Packlist manage .packlist files
ExtUtils::ParseXS converts Perl XS code into C code
ExtUtils::testlib add blib/* directories to @INC
Fatal Replace functions with equivalents which succeed or die
Fcntl load the C Fcntl.h defines
File::Basename Parse file paths into directory, filename and suffix.
File::Compare Compare files or filehandles
File::Copy Copy files or filehandles
File::DosGlob DOS like globbing and then some
File::Fetch A generic file fetching mechanism
File::Find Traverse a directory tree.
File::Glob Perl extension for BSD glob routine
File::GlobMapper Extend File Glob to Allow Input and Output Files
File::Path Create or remove directory trees
File::Spec portably perform operations on file names
File::Spec::Cygwin methods for Cygwin file specs
File::Spec::Epoc methods for Epoc file specs
File::Spec::Functions portably perform operations on file names
File::Spec::Mac File::Spec for Mac OS (Classic)
File::Spec::OS2 methods for OS/2 file specs
File::Spec::Unix File::Spec for Unix, base for other File::Spec modules
File::Spec::VMS methods for VMS file specs
File::Spec::Win32 methods for Win32 file specs
File::stat by-name interface to Perl’s built-in stat() functions
File::Temp return name and handle of a temporary file safely
FileCache keep more files open than the system permits
FileHandle supply object methods for filehandles
Filter::Simple Simplified source filtering
Filter::Util::Call Perl Source Filter Utility Module
FindBin Locate directory of original perl script
Getopt::Long Extended processing of command line options
Getopt::Std Process single-character switches with switch clustering
Hash::Util A selection of general-utility hash subroutines
Hash::Util::FieldHash Support for Inside-Out Classes
I18N::Collate compare 8-bit scalar data according to the current locale
I18N::Langinfo query locale information
I18N::LangTags functions for dealing with RFC3066-style language tags
I18N::LangTags::Detect detect the user’s language preferences
I18N::LangTags::List tags and names for human languages
IO load various IO modules
IO::Compress::Base Base Class for IO::Compress modules
IO::Compress::Bzip2 Write bzip2 files/buffers
IO::Compress::Deflate Write RFC 1950 files/buffers
IO::Compress::Gzip Write RFC 1952 files/buffers
IO::Compress::RawDeflate Write RFC 1951 files/buffers
IO::Compress::Zip Write zip files/buffers
IO::Dir supply object methods for directory handles
IO::File supply object methods for filehandles
IO::Handle supply object methods for I/O handles
IO::Pipe supply object methods for pipes
IO::Poll Object interface to system poll call
IO::Seekable supply seek based methods for I/O objects
IO::Select OO interface to the select system call
IO::Socket Object interface to socket communications
IO::Socket::INET Object interface for AF_INET domain sockets
IO::Socket::UNIX Object interface for AF_UNIX domain sockets
IO::Uncompress::AnyInflate Uncompress zlib-based (zip, gzip) file/buffer
IO::Uncompress::AnyUncompress Uncompress gzip, zip, bzip2 or lzop file/buffer
IO::Uncompress::Base Base Class for IO::Uncompress modules
IO::Uncompress::Bunzip2 Read bzip2 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::Gunzip Read RFC 1952 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::Inflate Read RFC 1950 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::RawInflate Read RFC 1951 files/buffers
IO::Uncompress::Unzip Read zip files/buffers
IO::Zlib IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib
IPC::Cmd finding and running system commands made easy
IPC::Msg SysV Msg IPC object class
IPC::Open2 open a process for both reading and writing using open2()
IPC::Open3 open a process for reading, writing, and error handling using open3()
IPC::Semaphore SysV Semaphore IPC object class
IPC::SharedMem SysV Shared Memory IPC object class
IPC::SysV System V IPC constants and system calls
List::Util A selection of general-utility list subroutines
List::Util::XS Indicate if List::Util was compiled with a C compiler
Locale::Country standard codes for country identification
Locale::Currency standard codes for currency identification
Locale::Language standard codes for language identification
Locale::Maketext framework for localization
Locale::Maketext::Guts Deprecated module to load Locale::Maketext utf8 code
Locale::Maketext::GutsLoader Deprecated module to load Locale::Maketext utf8 code
Locale::Maketext::Simple Simple interface to Locale::Maketext::Lexicon
Locale::Script standard codes for script identification
Math::BigFloat Arbitrary size floating point math package
Math::BigInt Arbitrary size integer/float math package
Math::BigInt::Calc Pure Perl module to support Math::BigInt
Math::BigInt::CalcEmu Emulate low-level math with BigInt code
Math::BigInt::FastCalc Math::BigInt::Calc with some XS for more speed
Math::BigRat Arbitrary big rational numbers
Math::Complex complex numbers and associated mathematical functions
Math::Trig trigonometric functions
Memoize Make functions faster by trading space for time
Memoize::AnyDBM_File glue to provide EXISTS for AnyDBM_File for Storable use
Memoize::Expire Plug-in module for automatic expiration of memoized values
Memoize::ExpireFile test for Memoize expiration semantics
Memoize::ExpireTest test for Memoize expiration semantics
Memoize::NDBM_File glue to provide EXISTS for NDBM_File for Storable use
Memoize::SDBM_File glue to provide EXISTS for SDBM_File for Storable use
Memoize::Storable store Memoized data in Storable database
MIME::Base64 Encoding and decoding of base64 strings
MIME::QuotedPrint Encoding and decoding of quoted-printable strings
Module::CoreList what modules shipped with versions of perl
Module::Load runtime require of both modules and files
Module::Load::Conditional Looking up module information / loading at runtime
Module::Loaded mark modules as loaded or unloaded
NDBM_File Tied access to ndbm files
Net::Cmd Network Command class (as used by FTP, SMTP etc)
Net::Config Local configuration data for libnet
Net::Domain Attempt to evaluate the current host’s internet name and domain
Net::FTP FTP Client class
Net::FTP::dataconn FTP Client data connection class
Net::hostent by-name interface to Perl’s built-in gethost*() functions
Net::netent by-name interface to Perl’s built-in getnet*() functions
Net::Netrc OO interface to users netrc file
Net::NNTP NNTP Client class
Net::Ping check a remote host for reachability
Net::POP3 Post Office Protocol 3 Client class (RFC1939)
Net::protoent by-name interface to Perl’s built-in getproto*() functions
Net::servent by-name interface to Perl’s built-in getserv*() functions
Net::SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Client
Net::Time time and daytime network client interface
NEXT Provide a pseudo-class NEXT (et al) that allows method redispatch
O Generic interface to Perl Compiler backends
Opcode Disable named opcodes when compiling perl code
Params::Check A generic input parsing/checking mechanism.
Parse::CPAN::Meta Parse META.yml and META.json CPAN metadata files
PerlIO On demand loader for PerlIO layers and root of PerlIO::* name space
PerlIO::encoding encoding layer
PerlIO::scalar in-memory IO, scalar IO
PerlIO::via Helper class for PerlIO layers implemented in perl
PerlIO::via::QuotedPrint PerlIO layer for quoted-printable strings
Pod::Checker check pod documents for syntax errors
Pod::Escapes for resolving Pod E<…> sequences
Pod::Find find POD documents in directory trees
Pod::Functions Group Perl’s functions a la perlfunc.pod
Pod::Html module to convert pod files to HTML
Pod::InputObjects objects representing POD input paragraphs, commands, etc.
Pod::Man Convert POD data to formatted *roff input
Pod::ParseLink Parse an L<> formatting code in POD text
Pod::Parser base class for creating POD filters and translators
Pod::ParseUtils helpers for POD parsing and conversion
Pod::Perldoc Look up Perl documentation in Pod format.
Pod::Perldoc::BaseTo Base for Pod::Perldoc formatters
Pod::Perldoc::GetOptsOO Customized option parser for Pod::Perldoc
Pod::Perldoc::ToChecker let Perldoc check Pod for errors
Pod::Perldoc::ToMan let Perldoc render Pod as man pages
Pod::Perldoc::ToNroff let Perldoc convert Pod to nroff
Pod::Perldoc::ToPod let Perldoc render Pod as … Pod!
Pod::Perldoc::ToRtf let Perldoc render Pod as RTF
Pod::Perldoc::ToText let Perldoc render Pod as plaintext
Pod::Perldoc::ToTk let Perldoc use Tk::Pod to render Pod
Pod::Perldoc::ToXml let Perldoc render Pod as XML
Pod::PlainText Convert POD data to formatted ASCII text
Pod::Select extract selected sections of POD from input
Pod::Simple framework for parsing Pod
Pod::Simple::Checker check the Pod syntax of a document
Pod::Simple::Debug put Pod::Simple into trace/debug mode
Pod::Simple::DumpAsText dump Pod-parsing events as text
Pod::Simple::DumpAsXML turn Pod into XML
Pod::Simple::HTML convert Pod to HTML
Pod::Simple::HTMLBatch convert several Pod files to several HTML files
Pod::Simple::LinkSection represent “section” attributes of L codes
Pod::Simple::Methody turn Pod::Simple events into method calls
Pod::Simple::PullParser a pull-parser interface to parsing Pod
Pod::Simple::PullParserEndToken end-tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser
Pod::Simple::PullParserStartToken start-tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser
Pod::Simple::PullParserTextToken text-tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser
Pod::Simple::PullParserToken tokens from Pod::Simple::PullParser
Pod::Simple::RTF format Pod as RTF
Pod::Simple::Search find POD documents in directory trees
Pod::Simple::SimpleTree parse Pod into a simple parse tree
Pod::Simple::Text format Pod as plaintext
Pod::Simple::TextContent get the text content of Pod
Pod::Simple::XHTML format Pod as validating XHTML
Pod::Simple::XMLOutStream turn Pod into XML
Pod::Text Convert POD data to formatted text
Pod::Text::Color Convert POD data to formatted color ASCII text
Pod::Text::Overstrike Err:509
Pod::Text::Termcap Convert POD data to ASCII text with format escapes
Pod::Usage print a usage message from embedded pod documentation
POSIX Perl interface to IEEE Std 1003.1
Safe Compile and execute code in restricted compartments
Scalar::Util A selection of general-utility scalar subroutines
SDBM_File Tied access to sdbm files
Search::Dict look – search for key in dictionary file
SelectSaver save and restore selected file handle
SelfLoader load functions only on demand
Socket networking constants and support functions
Storable persistence for Perl data structures
Symbol manipulate Perl symbols and their names
Sys::Hostname Try every conceivable way to get hostname
Sys::Syslog Perl interface to the UNIX syslog(3) calls
TAP::Base Base class that provides common functionality to TAP::Parser and TAP::Harness
TAP::Formatter::Base Base class for harness output delegates
TAP::Formatter::Color Run Perl test scripts with color
TAP::Formatter::Console Harness output delegate for default console output
TAP::Formatter::Console::ParallelSession Harness output delegate for parallel console output
TAP::Formatter::Console::Session Harness output delegate for default console output
TAP::Formatter::File Harness output delegate for file output
TAP::Formatter::File::Session Harness output delegate for file output
TAP::Formatter::Session Abstract base class for harness output delegate
TAP::Harness Run test scripts with statistics
TAP::Object Base class that provides common functionality to all TAP::* modules
TAP::Parser Parse TAP|Test::Harness::TAP output
TAP::Parser::Aggregator Aggregate TAP::Parser results
TAP::Parser::Grammar A grammar for the Test Anything Protocol.
TAP::Parser::Iterator Base class for TAP source iterators
TAP::Parser::Iterator::Array Iterator for array-based TAP sources
TAP::Parser::Iterator::Process Iterator for process-based TAP sources
TAP::Parser::Iterator::Stream Iterator for filehandle-based TAP sources
TAP::Parser::IteratorFactory Figures out which SourceHandler objects to use for a given Source
TAP::Parser::Multiplexer Multiplex multiple TAP::Parsers
TAP::Parser::Result Base class for TAP::Parser output objects
TAP::Parser::Result::Bailout Bailout result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Comment Comment result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Plan Plan result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Pragma TAP pragma token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Test Test result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Unknown Unknown result token.
TAP::Parser::Result::Version TAP syntax version token.
TAP::Parser::Result::YAML YAML result token.
TAP::Parser::ResultFactory Factory for creating TAP::Parser output objects
TAP::Parser::Scheduler Schedule tests during parallel testing
TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Job A single testing job.
TAP::Parser::Scheduler::Spinner A no-op job.
TAP::Parser::Source a TAP source & meta data about it
TAP::Parser::YAMLish::Reader Read YAMLish data from iterator
TAP::Parser::YAMLish::Writer Write YAMLish data
Term::ANSIColor Color screen output using ANSI escape sequences
Term::Cap Perl termcap interface
Term::Complete Perl word completion module
Term::ReadLine Perl interface to various readline packages. If no real package is found, substitutes stubs instead of basic functions.
Test provides a simple framework for writing test scripts
Test::Builder Backend for building test libraries
Test::Builder::Module Base class for test modules
Test::Builder::Tester test testsuites that have been built with Test::Builder
Test::Builder::Tester::Color turn on colour in Test::Builder::Tester
Test::Harness Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics
Test::More yet another framework for writing test scripts
Test::Simple Basic utilities for writing tests.
Text::Abbrev abbrev – create an abbreviation table from a list
Text::Balanced Extract delimited text sequences from strings.
Text::ParseWords parse text into an array of tokens or array of arrays
Text::Tabs expand and unexpand tabs like unix expand(1) and unexpand(1)
Text::Wrap line wrapping to form simple paragraphs
Thread Manipulate threads in Perl (for old code only)
Thread::Queue Thread-safe queues
Thread::Semaphore Thread-safe semaphores
Tie::Array base class for tied arrays
Tie::File Access the lines of a disk file via a Perl array
Tie::Handle base class definitions for tied handles
Tie::Hash base class definitions for tied hashes
Tie::Hash::NamedCapture Named regexp capture buffers
Tie::Memoize add data to hash when needed
Tie::RefHash use references as hash keys
Tie::Scalar base class definitions for tied scalars
Tie::StdHandle base class definitions for tied handles
Tie::SubstrHash Fixed-table-size, fixed-key-length hashing
Time::gmtime by-name interface to Perl’s built-in gmtime() function
Time::HiRes High resolution alarm, sleep, gettimeofday, interval timers
Time::Local Efficiently compute time from local and GMT time
Time::localtime by-name interface to Perl’s built-in localtime() function
Time::Piece Object Oriented time objects
Time::Seconds a simple API to convert seconds to other date values
Time::tm internal object used by Time::gmtime and Time::localtime
Unicode::Collate Unicode Collation Algorithm
Unicode::Normalize Unicode Normalization Forms
Unicode::UCD Unicode character database
UNIVERSAL base class for ALL classes (blessed references)
User::grent by-name interface to Perl’s built-in getgr*() functions
User::pwent by-name interface to Perl’s built-in getpw*() functions
XSLoader Dynamically load C libraries into Perl code

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